The name Ärjemark is an old expression that means vast, remote and uninhabited forest area. Lapland was still at the beginning of the 17th century one big Ärjemark where reindeer herding, hunting and fishing occurred to a great extent.

Our vision is that we will constantly develop our products and assortment with new and innovative products that we find on the market or develop ourselves according to our own ideas and wishes from our customers and preferably products made from natural materials.

With many years of experience in the knife industry, we have further taken a step in development by opening our new webshop Ärjemark.

The webshop is aimed at those who are looking for good products for wilderness life. We have a very wide range of knives and axes, but also products such as optics, hunting, shooting, weapons accessories, natural products, wilderness excursion products.

An ever-growing range.

Popular items

Type III 550 paracord, nylon, 4mm, 7 inner cords 250kg breaking strength. 30m.
119 SEK99 SEK
299 SEK150 SEK
The Rifleman ACH is an electronic unit that offers strong protection with an NRR of 21 while delivering quality sound.
668.75 SEK
The Cass Creek Ergo Electronic Roe Deer Call is lightweight and gives you five realistic deer sounds in the palm of your hand. Overlap/interrupt technology allows you to instantly change…
493.75 SEK195 SEK

Latest products

261.25 SEK
Double sided diamond whetstone with fine and coarse sides – corresponding to 600 and 300 grit respectively
623.75 SEK
Double sided diamond whetstone with superfine diamond surface (1200 grit) combined with a leather strop
623.75 SEK
Here's a nice accessory for your belt that is also a practical addition to your outdoor kit. The Casström possibles pouch is a leather belt pouch that can hold a…
597 SEK
298.75 SEK